March 25-28 2019


Kardinia Park Geelong VIC


Expanded Trade Exhibition


International Guests

MAV Technology presents “Riding the wave” – a conference about transforming local government for the digital era.

Topics will include emerging technologies, AI, data ethics, business transformation, data governance, customer experience, smart cities, new and collaborative ways of working, digital access, equity and diversity – and navigating the massive cultural change that all this will bring – including how indigenous cultures might help us shape our collective future. The three-day event includes an outstanding plenary program, an extensive trade exhibition, an official welcome reception, our celebrated Awards for Excellence Dinner, educational site tours and more!



Registration & Trade Exhibition

Registration & Trade Exhibition

Welcome to Country

Corrina Eccles, Wadawurrung woman with Norm Stanley on the didgeridoo


Introduction Jira Lulla Harvey, Conference Co-Chair and Founder and Director of Kalinya Communications David Bartlett, Conference Co-Chair and former Premier of Tasmania


Driving the digital transformation of government and the role of local government in helping communities to thrive in the digital era.

Transforming the MAV

Driving a culture shift and a technology shift at the MAV to better support local government interests, build the capacity of councils, protect the viability of councils and promote the role of local government.

Morning Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Wideband

10.40am Morning Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Wideband

Cultural intelligence for the digital era

How indigenous cultures might help shape our collective future through social innovation, diversity, inclusion, entrepreneurship and self determination.

Disrupting our Doctors

Challenging the establishment and using tech to deliver innovative, appropriate and quality health care to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Ground control – Developing Australia’s first Commercial Spaceport

Delivering innovative economic development outcomes in remote Northern Australia.

Smart Cities and a Culture of Innovation

Driving transformation for our customers through smart cities solutions utilising IoT, AI/ML, video analytics and voice-driven information services. How can you create a culture of innovation within your organisation?.

Lunch & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Tesserent

Lunch & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Tesserent

Digitising of Society and Democratisation of IoT

Engaging communities with the Internet of Things, through data sharing and governance, open source and interoperability, crowd sourcing and digital access.

Local government IT collaborations and exploring alternate delivery models

The challenges of implementing effective collaborative technology projects in local government.

Smart Regional Cities

Building capability within council to apply innovative, technology-based solutions to some of Ballarat’s biggest urban & interface challenges.

Vic Govt. Cyber Incident Response Service & Single Digital Presence

• The Victorian Government Cyber Incident Response Service – innovating to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on Victorian government organisations • Insight into the Single Digital Presence and API Platform.

Afternoon Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Olikka

Afternoon Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Olikka

Transforming to a Dynamic City of the Future!

Logan City Council's key initiatives: CityStudio Logan – social innovation projects to co-create for civic outcomes. INNOV8 Logan – preparing for the opening of Logan’s first innovation hub. Internal Collaborative Network.

Building digital self-service and customer confidence

VicRoads journey from “putting transactions online” to “digital service design” for a digital-first, customer-centric delivery of government services and transactions.

High Performing Teams and Cultures

How to treat people like adults and give them the necessary autonomy? How do we outperform our competition? How do we get the most from this ever-changing workforce? What is the future of work as millennial and centennials enter the market?

Day one plenary & Expo closes

Day one plenary & Expo closes (Awards for Excellence Dinner @ The Pier Geelong commences at 6.30pm) * Program is subject to change

Awards for Excellence Dinner @ The Pier Geelong

The MAV Technology Awards for Excellence recognise outstanding achievements by local government information and communications technology (ICT); geographic information (GIS) and records management (RM) practitioners to encourage innovation in local government service delivery for the people of Victoria, Australia and the world.
6.30pm Pre-dinner drinks
7.00pm Seating & background music
7.10pm Entreé served
7.30pm Welcome song -  Casey Bennetto
7.35pm Introduction & acknowledgements - David Bartlett
7.40pm Sponsor address -
7.45pm Nominees and Award presentations Casey Bennetto & David Bartlett with Tim Neal, Shannon Bourne, Vincenzo Ruberto, Nick Karasaviddis, Gideon Brazil & Mal Webb: Strategy & Planning Achievement of the YearCollaboration or Partnership Achievement of the YearSmart City Achievement of the Year Customer Experience Achievement of the Year The Victorian Award for Excellence The Australian Award for Excellence About the LOLA International Award for Excellence  
8.15pm Dinner served
8.45pm Live band and dancing
9.15pm Desert Served Live band and dancing
11.30pm Close

Registration & Trade Exhibition

Registration & Trade Exhibition - Coffee Sponsor Thomas Duryea Logicalis

How adventure can facilitate growth and transformation in your organisation

When your business or team seems stuck, then adventure is the answer. Discover your team's true identity, overcome limiting beliefs and let fear be the catalyst for change.

Raising the bar for Indigenous Technology Futures

1) "Mitimiti on the Grid” – bringing fibre and high speed telecommunications to an isolated Maori community. 2) "Incredible Skies" - drone R&D for medicines and emergency services where they're most needed. 3) “Te Reo AI” - a machine learning and AI project to extract insights and value from New Zealand's indigenous language.


How global and Australian Trailblazers are disrupting industries, shaping the future, and transforming the world around you.

Morning Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Wideband

Morning Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Wideband

15 reasons you need to invest in data analytics

Warren will showcase 15 analytics projects worked on by the City of Casey’s Data Analytics Function. His aim is to help you understand the huge potential you have in local government to leverage your data to enable data-driven results.

Dancing in the dark – Government data governance

So who's accountable for data governance? (hint: it's not IT).

Taking a user-centred approach in the NSW Government

Learn how the NSW Government is placing users at the centre when we design and deliver digital services.

A Genie for local government?

The Deakin Genie smart digital personal assistant for students has won a swag of international awards. Deakin are now sharing Genie with like-minded organisations. Could this award winning assistant be leveraged to deliver council services to people in Victoria?

Panel discussion – Delivering outcomes from Hacks & Jams

What are the challenges of hacks and jams in local government and how can we achieve greater outcomes?

Lunch & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Tesserent

Lunch & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Tesserent

Blockchain: What is your role in the next revolution?

Blockchain has the potential to automate, and disintermediate, the institutions and services that underpin our lives. It could change how we interact online, who controls our information, and shift the incentives that guide businesses and cooperative systems.

Accelerating local government transformation

The former head of the Digital Marketplace for the Australian Government's Digital Transformation Agency explores why and how local government must transform.

LEAN out of your comfort zone: Why continuous improvement just isn’t enough

As our customer needs evolve we must balance our limited resources between sustaining innovation and transformative innovation. But how do we deliver transformation from within, without spending millions?

Panel discussion – Innovation & Procurement

What are the procurement barriers to innovation in local government and how can we solve them?

Afternoon Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Olikka

Afternoon Tea & Trade Exhibition – Brought to you by Olikka

Smart People. Smart Places. Smart Partnerships

Mobilising partnerships and embracing diversity to enable co-investment and co-creation in regional and metropolitan local government areas.

Innovation through Intelligence: Towards a more resilient and adaptive Built Environment

Showcasing projects that explore the potential of ICT, intelligent data, computation and digital media to create more agile, user-centred and adaptive solutions for the Built Environment.

Smart Cities need Smart Councils

How local government can help to address complex urban and regional challenges, by harnessing digital technology, establishing partnerships and applying intelligent design.

Soul Machines – Experience AI Like Never Before

Soul Machines is building a HumanOS for Artificial Intelligence so we can communicate, connect and relate to AI in ways that make it accessible, contextual and trusted.

Closing remarks

Jirra Lulla Harvey & David Bartlett, Conference Co-Chairs

Plenary & Trade Exhibition closes

Plenary & Trade Exhibition closes (Networking Evening @ Little Creatures Brewery commences @ 6.00pm)

Networking evening @ Little Creatures Brewery featuring Tripod

A true brewery village experience, with a bustling Canteen and the colourful Mystery Lane. A great opportunity to network in a casual setting and talk about what you've seen and heard at the conference. You can grab a fresh beer and a bite to eat, and watch the brewers racing around doing their thing. And we'll have Tripod on hand to provide some laughs and great music.
When What Where
6.00pm Drinks and food service commences
Little Creatures Brewery 221 Swanston St, Geelong
8.00pm Welcome & introductions - Lisa Bennetto, MAV Technology
8.05pm Sponsor's address
8.10pm Tripod
8.40pm Networking
10.30pm Close
  Tripod Since their earliest shows Tripod have made a habit of juggling comedy, music and narrative in endless exhilarating combinations. They started out in the Melbourne pub scene, before becoming regulars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and of national radio on Triple J. TV followed, including four seasons on Skithouse – the album of which, Middleborough Road, won them an ARIA – as well as a year as regulars on Sideshow on the ABC. They have created numerous musicals including the magical Tripod Versus the Dragon and Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs with Eddie Perfect. Perfect Tripod also appeared on Network Ten’s Oxfam Gala, released a single with Gotye for Save Live Australian Music and sung with Missy Higgins on ABCTV’s Crackup. Tripod continue to bring an insane level of craft in both comedy and music and combine them in a rich and satisfying way – an ability that has cemented them as a much loved cultural fixture in Australia.  

Clever and Creative Geelong Tour Deakin Innovation Precinct – 2019!

Hop on our coach and head out to Deakin’s Innovation Precinct at Waurn Ponds campus where we’ll visit 3 world-class facilities – the Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET), Carbon Nexus and the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research (IISRI).
·        CADET:  Home of 21st Century engineering, the focus of CADET is on digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping, 3D modelling and visualisation technologies. Its purpose-built, interactive laboratory and workshop learning spaces enable students to project the creativity, imagination and research required to solve modern engineering issues.
·        Carbon Nexus: For more than a decade, Deakin University researchers have been developing new and improved fibres and carbon composites. This new facility significantly enhances the capacity to deliver real outcomes for industry to capture the enormous market potential of carbon fibre and related composites. Carbon Nexus is an integral part of the $103m Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre at Deakin.
·        IISRI is dedicated to advancing the global knowledge base of intelligent systems research. We focus on five main areas – defence systems integration and robotics, haptics research, motion simulation, micro/nano system modelling and manipulation, and process modelling and analysis.
Departure: 9.00am from Deakin Waterfront Campus bus-stop, Brougham St. Return: 12.20pm  (Max 45 people)

Master Class by Deloitte Consulting: Trends, Innovation & Optimisation

Join Deloitte for an exciting showcase where Deloitte will highlight key industry technology trends for 2019 and beyond and how they will shape the council of the future. Dive into challenges facing modern councils and how Deloitte can tailor solutions to further streamline business processes, drive IT efficiency and improve the customer experience. Learn about Deloitte’s expansive cloud capability across private, hybrid and public cloud platforms and Deloitte’s end to end vendor agnostic services ranging from advisory, strategy, design and implementation through to automation and on-going environment management.

Master Class by Splunk: A Machine Data Fabric to Support Smart Cities

Splunk and their guests will lead a conversation around how progressive councils and other leading organisations are harnessing their machine data to provide valuable insights supporting citizen services. Examples will be shared of how these insights are helping to ensure the health of critical applications, security of key council assets and supporting smart cities.

Master Class by Microsoft Australia: Digital Government Transformation Master Class

To keep up with ever-increasing citizen and stakeholder expectations, local councils recognise the need to digitally transform their organisations. Most councils have started the journey to successfully transition to a citizen-centric digital local government. However, challenges including reduced levels of funding and staffing, cost of resourcing, resistance to change, limited technical capability and infrastructure can make this journey difficult for most councils. In the session Microsoft will connect the challenges Local Councils face with solutions that can support their digital transformation journey including: • Customer centricity, service delivery & stakeholder expectations • Employee productivity, collaboration & mobilisation • Data, security management & ethics • Digital innovation such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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GMHBA Stadium
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03 5224 9111

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